About Us

Products that let you be you.

Lysium manufactures hair and skin care products that don’t try to hide natural beauty, but rather enhance it.

Our Karelèn product line include a range of Hand & Body Crèmes, as well as a series of fast-drying, non-greasy Dry Oils for hair and skin, to deliver a full spectrum of natural essential oils that heal, nourish and protect.

Curly Twirls, by Karelèn, is designed specifically for kinky and curly hair, offering a complete set of hair care products for those who choose to celebrate their natural style.

Our products are formulated with only the purest ingredients, no glycols, parabens, mineral oils or petrolatum. And no animal cruelty ever. Amazing, effective, and deeply sensual care for your hair and skin.

Your natural beauty comes out, in full force, for all the world to admire.


Our Values

Never compromise.

From its inception, Lysium has been committed to producing the highest quality hair and skin care products available. And we take our commitment very seriously.

It means painstakingly developing effective products in our in-house laboratory, demanding only the finest quality ingredients, and refusing to accept any compromises.

We do this because you do. Our products are designed for those who refuse compromise, who are confident in their own natural beauty. We believe in the real you, and create products that make the most of who you truly are.

That’s Lysium. Promise, not compromise.


Product Creation

Exceptional, without exception.

Lysium goes to great lengths to create products that our customers will truly adore. We know that creating a truly exceptional product requires truly exceptional effort, and it shows.

We begin by sourcing the purest natural ingredients from all over the world. Because many of the essential oils used in Lysium’s products are cultivated in places like Morocco, Australia, or India, we tend to travel a lot.

We bring those ingredients back to our lab, where we work carefully balancing them in precise, proprietary formulations. Each formula is thoroughly tested – NEVER on animals – and reformulated until it has achieved optimal efficacy and fragrance.

All of our products are formulated, manufactured, packaged and shipped from our main facility in Florida. Our ability to create, manufacture and distribute allows us to keep our products extremely affordable while maintaining the strictest of quality standards.


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